SENTA is a fresh market & Italian-American fusion restaurant that promotes a sustainable lifestyle with its integrated  HYDROPONIC GROW CENTER providing freshly grown vegetables in-house. Guests can experience the dynamics of VERTICAL FARMING first hand,  while enjoying a meal in a biophilic environment. 


The design concept is inspired by ECO-ARCHITECT KEN YEANG, whose bioclimatic high-rises with their vegetative facades make his structures living & breathing eco-cells. The 3-story hydroponic grow center is SENTA’s very own eco-cell highrise. It is embedded into the basement of this 2-story historical building and rises up all the way to an impressive ATRIUM. 


It is truly a BREATHING MICROCOSM, an idea inspired by environmental artist CHRIS DRURY, who uses natural resources, such as trees, earth and stones to create artwork in nature that seamlessly fits into the environment. SENTA is a BREATHING MICROCOSM that seamlessly fits into its URBAN MACROCOSM.



Building Location:  West Hollywood, CA

Designed Area:  7,500 Square Feet

Inspiration:   Eco-Architect Ken Yeang

                         & Nature Artist Chris Drury


Theme:  Hydroponics & Sustainability

Breathing Microcosm 

- Green Oasis In Urban Macrocosm -