The design of this luxurious penthouse suite integrates the client’s sexy and fast-paced jet-set lifestyle with at-home luxury and relaxation. Elegant clean lines combined with art and green design solutions create an inviting modern living environment. High tech amenities support the theme of ‘modern luxury’.


A combination of reflective hard surfaces -reminiscent of diamond jewelry- such as chrome plated steel beams fused with natural materials, such as leather and fake fur textiles, create a sleek modern, yet cozy living environment.


The open floor plan and high ceilings create a bright and airy feel. Colors are inspired by the client’s love for horses and are neutrals and browns with silver & gold accents. The elegant, high-end furniture incorporate unique foreign imports.


Building Location:  Downtown Los Angeles

Designed Area:  6,000 Square Feet

Inspiration:  Diamond Jewelry


Theme:  Modern Luxury

Jet-Set Jewel 

- Hotel Suite Meets Private Residence -