LA PRALINA HOTEL & LUXURY CONDOS seduces its visitors and residences with a sense of pure INDULGENCE - just like an assorted piece of chocolate seduces with its decadent sweet layers and textures. 


The theme of LAYERS and TEXTURES is applied to a variety of 3D wall coverings, engaging tactile and visual sensors. Textures will be even more enhanced by applying them to Milan’s trending architectural style of undulated building envelopes and walls. 


Considering Milan’s poor air quality, ‘LA PRALINA’ emphasizes  on incorporating greenery and sustainable products to create a healthier living environment, which  reflects the  overall concept of GREEN INDULGENCE. 

Building Location:  Milan, Italy

Designed Area:  35,000 Square Feet

Inspiration:  Assorted Chocolates


Theme:  Layers & Textures

Green Indulgence