THE PLATFORM PERFORMING ARTS CENTER provides a stimulating, creative and biophilic learning environment that evokes a sense of artistic community among various branches of the performing arts, and provides an affordable growing environment for amateurs and professionals alike. 


The theme of TRANSFORMATION carries through the entire architecture, making spaces flexible in their use and purpose. Just like the artist goes through transformation in mind, skill-level and anatomy, the architecture does the same. Hard training meets performance - CONCRETE meets COLOR.  


The space is all about ‘showcasing’ the beauty of the performing arts, just like the PEACOCK is all about showcasing its beauty through an element of surprise, unpredictability, and a sheer sense of elegance - a true performer in essence! 



Building Location: Los Angeles, California

Designed Area:  40,000 Square Feet

Inspiration:  Deconstructed Peacock Feather


Theme:  Transformation, Concrete, Color

The Peacock - A Showcase of Beauty